Ted Talks to Inspire

I’m off to Italy at the weekend for a friend’s wedding and I can’t wait! The bag is packed, my Kindle updated and I’m ready to go.

What’s not to love?  4 days with my boyfriend in stunning Tuscany celebrating with friends, drinking Champagne and eating local food in the gorgeous Italian sunshine.

Then I remember our flight is at 6am and the excitement starts to waver ever so slightly. I am a morning person but that’s an early start even for me.

In preparation for the ever so slightly boring wait at the airport I have downloaded some Ted Talks to pass the time.

So, if you’re off on holiday soon or you just want something different to watch during your commute to work, or to avoid the football, then download thee Ted Talks below for some true inspiration.

They’ll help fire you up if you’re off to an interview, if you need a general confidence boost or are about do an important presentation at work.

They might even inspire you to become the next leader!

Inspirational Ted Talks

Sheryl Sandberg – Why we have too few women Leaders


Anne-Marie Slaughter – Can we all “have it all”


Amy Cuddy – Your Body language shapes who you are


Julian Treasure – How to speak so that people want to listen


Susan Cain – The power of introverts



If you haven’t been to a Ted Talk event then I recommend having a look to see if there ‘s one in your area.

I went to one for the first time last year in Bristol and it was a fantastic day out.

Caroline Arnold 

Executive Coach

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