CAPS 012: Why We Could All Benefit From Speaking To A Financial Advisor

Hi and welcome to the Caroline Arnold Podcast Show. Today, we have Sophie Hazlehurst from Sovereign IFA.

Sophie is a financial planner and will be talking about her career journey so far and why we all need a financial advisor.  So, if you are thinking you are young and fit and don’t need to be thinking about any protection or your pension then this show is for you. Likewise if your partner takes care of all the money in your household then you may want to reconsider that and become moe involved.

So, lets get right into the interview. Sophie, thank you so much for joining us today.

What has been your career journey so far?

You now work as a financial planner at Sovereign IFA, what to they do and what does your job involve?

Why do people come and seek advice from a Financial Planner?

How often should you seek advice from a Financial Planner?

What are some of the reservations you hear and about getting advice from a financial advisor and how do you respond?

Is using a financial advisor expensive?

If someone is single and renting and they are young and fit do they really need advice from a financial advisor?

Do you find that more men come to you for financial advice vs women?

What is the impact that you see of women not having a financial advisor?

What 1 book to you recommend for listens to read?

Where can people to go to find more information about you?