Podcast: Feeling guilty as a working mum with Louise Summers


Hello and Welcome to The Caroline Arnold Podcast Show.

Today we have Louise Summers joining us. Louise works part time as a medical writing manager for a global pharmaceutical company as well as being a trainee social medial manager with Digital Mums.   Louise has recently started The Guilty Mums Hub and will be sharing with us today why she has started this.

So, lets get right into the interview. Louise, thank you so much for joining us today.

What has been your career journey so far?

What do you do now?

What is a medical writing manager?

Why do you job share and what are the advantage and disadvantages?

Why have you started Guilty Mums Hub?

What would your advice be to companies to help retain women and mums?

What is 1 book that you recommend to listeners

Where can people go to find more information about you and Guilty Mums Hub?

Twitter,  Instagram
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