Five Ways To Make A Good Impression In A New Job

There’s no escaping it. Starting a new job, no matter how much you’ve yearned for it, tends to be daunting.

There’s so much to think about and to learn:

  • Getting to grips with the names of your new colleagues
  • Learning your new boss’ preferred working methods
  • Your own desire to deliver on projects and make a good first impression.

So here’s a few tips to help you make that all-important positive first impression:


1.       Introductions

Before you get sucked into your email inbox and back-to-back meetings grab a box of Quality Street, walk around the office and introduce yourself to everyone.

Everyone loves chocolate and some of the team will be thrilled with the distraction and want to have a chat with you.

This is a great way to get yourself known. What’s more it will encourage your colleagues to start a conversation with you that goes beyond ‘hi’ when they next see you at the tea point.

You can then follow up by connecting with everyone on LinkedIn.  If nothing else that exercise will help you to remember their names!


2.       Be Proactive

Suggest to your team that you all go out for lunch so you can get to know one another beyond the office environment.

If you manage a team, then set up a meeting with each of them.

Ask them what they need from you and what management style they’d prefer.

Do the same with your boss. Go through the priorities with them and find out:

  • Their preferred method of communication
  • How much communication they want

3.       Ask Questions

Don’t make assumptions – ask everyone lots of questions. In the first week particularly.

Suggested questions:

What is the biggest obstacle facing the team right now?

What are the priorities that I should focus on?

How do you prefer to communicate – 1-2-1, email, phone?


4.       Read a book

Read ‘The First 90 Days: The First 90 Days

This is a must read book to start reading during your notice period of your old job. It’ll prepare you so that you are ready to go on day one in your new role.


5.       Look after yourself

When you start a new job it’s important to look after yourself so that you can be at your best during the day.

So, make sure you get plenty of sleep, eat well and have some down time planned,  things to look forward to – such as catching up with friends.

Good luck in your new job and if you have any tips on how to make a good first impression I would love to hear from you.