Your Special Invite To Join My Free Beta Course

I am bringing together a group of ten fabulous women who are looking to take their career to the next level and want to be part of my BETA Group for my online course Get Confident and Accelerate Your Career.

The online course will officially go live later this year but for now I am looking for 10 motivated and committed women who are willing to do everything that it takes to get more confident and take their career to the next level and want to be part of this exciting live training course.

Whats in it for you?

If selected you will get access to the newest training, live coaching calls, accountability and a private Facebook group so that you can interact with others.

Plus, it is completely and utterly free!

All I ask is that you complete the program and provide your honest opinion of the course. What did you love, what annoyed you, what was missing and what would you change!

But there is a catch!

I am sending this out to all of my social media following and there are only 10 FREE SPACES.

So, if you are serious about taking your career to the next level then apply quickly and secure your spot!

Weekly Course Outline 

1. Increase your confidence & set career goals

2. Get an outstanding CV

3. Update your LinkedIn profile so recruiters find you!

4. How to use recruitment companies in your career search

5. How to network your way to a new job

6. How to nail that interview

What do you get?

  • Weekly Live Q&A calls
  • Private Facebook group so you can meet others who are in a similar situation to you
  • Access to webinars
  • Weekly Worksheets
  • Weekly Checklists to keep you on track
  • PDF Resources of books, websites and podcasts
  • CV Template
  • List of recruitment firms
  • List of CV Power Words

Want in? 

Application Process

Apply HERE by emailing me at with the below information:

1. Name

2. Email

3. Answer to the below 3 Questions

1. Why do you want in to this course and how will you benefit?

2. What is the number 1 thing that you would want to have or experience by the end of the course?

3. What 1 thing do you want to work on?

Closing Date for applications is 4th September 2016 so don’t wait too long to apply!

Course will go Live 21st September.

Length of Course is 6 weeks.

Any questions please email me HERE.

Please note there are no refunds or guarantees of this course.

First Person To Send their answers gets a bonus free 1 hour coaching call with me worth £200.00

Why am I doing this?

Yes, I am looking for feedback on the course, case studies and testimonials but I know that you will also benefit from the course. So it is truly a Win Win!