Caroline Arnold

Lord Davies has recommend that women should hold 33% of directorships, across the entire FTSE 350, by 2020.

The lack of female representation at senior levels is a real issue for businesses today and I am passionate about helping organizations to change this.

 Increasing the number of women in leadership makes good business sense.  Yet despite the drive for there to be more women on management-level boards progress is slow. 

We need a genuine commitment to change culture and attitudes in order to increase diversity and overcome the many barriers to inequality that exist in the workplace.

As a woman working in a corporate environment you may find yourself in a minority – and this can feel isolating. 

There may be few, if any, role models at the senior level and even fewer at board level. Networking, informal mentoring and feedback opportunities may also be in short supply. 

Executive Coaching can support organizations not just to retain women but also develop them. This will enable them to perform to their best, with confidence that allows them to achieve their aspirations.

I offer such support via one-to-one coaching along with management and leadership programmes designed for promising junior managers through to directors.

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Caroline is a fantastic coach. She’s a calm and level-headed person to talk to about your direction and goals, she listens, understands your needs, and is able to address specific development areas with various NLP techniques. Amazing, thank you.

"We used Caroline Arnold Coaching to produce a HR specific action plan for the next 6 months in one of our care homes. The result was that we had a clear understanding of what was needed so that we could discuss the timelines and who would be responsible for implementation. We will continue to use Caroline and would recommend her to companies who need the expertise of a senior HR professional either on an ad hoc or consultant basis"

Louise Arnold, Managing Director Peninsula Care Homes Ltd

"Just had a great coaching session with Caroline. In 30 minutes she asked me the right questions, listened and pushed back and I came out of the session more confident and clear on my next steps. I would highly recommend her as a coach!"

Marianne Constans, HR Lead

Working with Caroline is an empowering experience. Caroline manages to find a great balance between coaching and mentoring. She is is full of amazing tips and advice and patiently and effectively explains how to do things so that you move forward. I found that Caroline was brilliant at getting me to commit to pinning myself down to carrying out an action - just what I needed! She helped me through the steps to carry out my action and followed up our coaching session with notes and a useful list of networking contacts and suggestions to work on. Caroline also sent me further links and more information further highlighting her generosity and dedication as a coach. I feel that the follow up emails are a really important part of the coaching process and Caroline does this fantastically. Thanks, Caroline!

Rebecca Adams, Life and Retreat Coach