Hello, and nice to meet you! I’m Caroline. My job is to turn your career into something you love.

Work is an inevitable part of life. However, we have a choice: do we passively allow our careers to consume us, or do we take responsibility for our own happiness by investing in a more meaningful, satisfying work life?

I believe that we should all be striving for something greater than a monthly payslip and a pension plan. By expressing ourselves more confidently, overcoming work-related fears and striving towards practical goals, we can all gain lasting fulfilment from our careers.

Easier said than done, right? That’s where I can help…

My mission

While working as a HR manager and coach for a large London firm, it frustrated me that my impact was limited to the people in my office.

Women in similar workplaces to mine were failing to make the impact they knew they could. Having been repeatedly denied growth opportunities by bosses who refused to consider the value of women in senior positions, these talented employees had resigned themselves to dull jobs in middle management, stifled by an outdated culture where the glass ceiling showed no signs of cracking.

Years of repeated denial had resulted in low self-esteem, loss of motivation and a crushing lack of confidence for women who, given the chance, could achieve amazing things. Things needed to change; I wanted to help.

After leaving my old job and relocating to Bristol, I started my own coaching company. One where I could help women from all kinds of careers to overcome the challenges before them. To break through the barriers imposed on them, proving to others that they were worthy of success. To bring about lasting change in their own lives, while simultaneously inspiring other women to do the same.

Whether I’m coaching individuals, groups or entire companies, my goal is the same: to prove that confidence, passion and hard work should always lead to a rewarding career, no matter who you are or what your gender is.

My experience

  • Degree in economics and business studies from Manchester University
  • Completed graduate training programme with Waitrose
  • Various HR management positions for for large corporate organisations 
  • Lecturer in HR management at UWE Bristol
  • Author of Get Confident and Accelerate Your Career 
  • Founder of Online course Get Confident and Accelerate Your Career 

Start your journey

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