Create A Kickass Life

Why do I need a coach?

As an executive coach I’m often asked: ‘Why do I need you as my coach?’

This is a fair enough question and one that’s best answered by my turning the tables and asking that person questions. Questions designed to make them think.

Questions such as these:

Do you love Sunday evenings because you’re excited about starting a new week?

Do you wake before your alarm and feel energized about the day ahead?

Are you doing what you’re passionate about?

Are you putting up with things that you shouldn’t be?

Do you plan activities so that you have something to look forward to during the day?

Do people comment on your positivity or are you struggling to get through the day?

Do you have what you really want?

Do you have a kickass life?

If you answer ‘no’ to any or all of the above then coaching will help you to get what you what.

Watching the Olympics I’m reminded of how powerful a team of experts can be. Those athletes aren’t winning that gold on their own. They have a team of sport and behavioural coaches, nutritionists and physiotherapists – the list goes on. But all of those experts are there to provide support and get their athletes to that podium – and they couldn’t do it on their own.

I currently have 3 coaches helping me achieve my different goals.

So ask yourself this:

Do you want to feel more confident, get a pay rise or a new job? Do you yearn for recognition and validation from your employer?

Do you want a stronger relationship with your partner or to have the confidence to take up dance classes?

Wherever you want to be I’ll be there to help you get there.

We’ll discuss your personal and professional goals with you setting the agenda for our sessions.

You may find that in one session you want to discuss applying for a new job and the lack of readiness you feel for it.

In another you may simply feel the need to chew the fat about your boyfriend who is putting on his ‘Mr Fix-it’ hat – when all you want him to do is listen, pass the chocolate, agree what an idiot your colleague is being and hug you!

I will offer support,  insist that you celebrate your successes and ensure that you leave every coaching session motivated to take action.

I may also challenge you to think differently about a situation or to see the discussion from your team’s eyes and how you may improve your effect in a positive way.

If you want to take that first step to achieving what you want then email me at

And let’s talk!