Monthly Archives: August 2016

CAPS 003: Is The Safety Industry Male Dominated?


In this podcast episode we hear from Laura Cleaver who is a Health & Safety Partner, brand leader and contract specialist at the HSE Recruitment Network. Laura is going to be talking about her career journey so far and her role within the Health and Safety arena which can be a male dominated industry.

In this episode you will learn:

Laura’s three top career tips for women who want to be more successful.

What has helped Laura be successful in here career which may help you.

What the safety industry is doing to promote and support more women into the safety industry.

CAPS 002: What Is Unconscious Bias And How Does It Impact Our Decisions


In this podcast episode Caroline Gourlay, a business psychologist will be talking about what unconscious bias is and the impact it can have on us at work. Caroline will be sharing her experience of working with companies so that we can be more aware of our unconscious biases.

You will learn

What is Unconscious bias and why do we have these biases.

How you can be more aware of these biases.

What impact your unconscious biases can have on recruitment decisions.


CAPS 006: Why Using A Recruitment Consultant Can Save You Time

In this podcast episode we have Julia Geens, a recruitment consultant at StopGap, talk about the advantages of using a recruitment agency if you are job searching or growing your team.

You will learn:

The benefits of using a recruitment agency to help you find the right role if you are job searching or the right candidate if you are recruiting.

How to know which recruitment consultant is right for you.

What the process is once you have registered with an agency.

CAPS 004: How To Manage Challenges You May Face In The Workplace


In this podcast episode we have Sarah Nolan, Head of Commercial and Employment Law of the Jackson Canter Group talk about her career journey. Sarah shares with us how she motivated herself to work full time as a paralegal whilst studying law at night school.

In this episode you will learn

What some of the challenges are that women still face in the corporate environment

How to overcome these challenges