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CAPS 012: Why We Could All Benefit From Speaking To A Financial Advisor

Hi and welcome to the Caroline Arnold Podcast Show. Today, we have Sophie Hazlehurst from Sovereign IFA.

Sophie is a financial planner and will be talking about her career journey so far and why we all need a financial advisor.  So, if you are thinking you are young and fit and don’t need to be thinking about any protection or your pension then this show is for you. Likewise if your partner takes care of all the money in your household then you may want to reconsider that and become moe involved.

So, lets get right into the interview. Sophie, thank you so much for joining us today.

What has been your career journey so far?

You now work as a financial planner at Sovereign IFA, what to they do and what does your job involve?

Why do people come and seek advice from a Financial Planner?

How often should you seek advice from a Financial Planner?

What are some of the reservations you hear and about getting advice from a financial advisor and how do you respond?

Is using a financial advisor expensive?

If someone is single and renting and they are young and fit do they really need advice from a financial advisor?

Do you find that more men come to you for financial advice vs women?

What is the impact that you see of women not having a financial advisor?

What 1 book to you recommend for listens to read?

Where can people to go to find more information about you?

CAPS 010: Tips On How To Update Your CV and LinkedIn Profile

Podcast Notes

Hi and welcome to The Caroline Arnold Podcast Show.

Today, we have Andy Wilkinson from Chameleon Career Consultancy with us. Andy is going to be talking through tips on how to have a CV that stands out and how to make the most of LinkedIn. So, lets get right into the interview.

Andy, thank you so much for joining us today.

Questions asked on the Podcast Show:

How did you get started in your career?

What is it that you do at Kamelion?

Do you offer this service fee to face or via Skpye?

Why is it important to have an outstanding CV?

How can listeners best update their CV?

Show people copy and paste their content of their CV on to their LinkedIn profile?

Why are testimonials important on LinkedIn?

Is it ok to send someone a template of a testimonial?

How to do people find their keywords?

You have a long job title on LinkedIn – why is that?

Is there a book that you recommend to our listeners to read?

Where can people go to find more information about you and your company.

For more information about Andy Wilkinson please do have a look at his website here.

CAPS 008: Why We All Need A Will with Mya Castillo, Estate Planner at Legally Secure

Hi and welcome to the Caroline Arnold Podcast Show.

Today, we have Mya Castillo from Legally Secure with us. Mya is a will writer and will be sharing with us her career journey so far and then talking about why we all need a will. So, if you don’t have a will and don’t think you need one then this podcast is for you. Or if your circumstances have changed and you haven’t updated your will then you also need to listen to this.

So, lets get right into the interview.

Mya, thank you so much for joining us today.

What has been your career journey so far?

You now work at Legally Secure, what do they do and what does your role involve?

What does a will cover and why is it important?

Does everyone need a will or just those with children?

Do you have any advice for women who may understand they need a will but their partner doesn’t see the importance?

How can listeners start making a will and know that it will be legally valid?

How often should a will be updated and where do you keep it?

Which one book do you recommend to listeners?

Where can people go to find more information about you and Legally Secure?

Caps 007: Career Tips Helping You Be More Successful with Keesa Schreane From Thomson Reuters

Hi and welcome to The Caroline Arnold Podcast Show.

Today, we have Keesa Schreane from New York with us. Keesa is a technology marketer at Thomson Reuters, she is also a STEM advisor for the Girl Scout Council of Greater New York, volunteer at Black Girls Code, as well as benign the board of BRISC. Keesa is going to share with us her career journey so far, what has helped her be successful and her three tips to help you be more successful.

So, let’s get right into the interview. Keesa, thank you so much for joining us today.

What has been your career journey so far?

What does Thomson Reuters do?

What does your current role involve?

What has helped you in your career be successful?

What are your top three career tips for women who want to be more successful?

You are a stem advisor for the Girl Scout Council of Greater New York, what does this involve and what is the aim of the organisation?

You are also on the Brisc for the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone development corporation. Can you explain to us what this corporation is, what they aim to achieve and how you are involved?

Which book do you recommend to listeners to read?

Where can people go to find more information about you?

Your Special Invite To Join My Free Beta Course

I am bringing together a group of ten fabulous women who are looking to take their career to the next level and want to be part of my BETA Group for my online course Get Confident and Accelerate Your Career.

The online course will officially go live later this year but for now I am looking for 10 motivated and committed women who are willing to do everything that it takes to get more confident and take their career to the next level and want to be part of this exciting live training course.

Whats in it for you?

If selected you will get access to the newest training, live coaching calls, accountability and a private Facebook group so that you can interact with others.

Plus, it is completely and utterly free!

All I ask is that you complete the program and provide your honest opinion of the course. What did you love, what annoyed you, what was missing and what would you change!

But there is a catch!

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Weekly Course Outline 

1. Increase your confidence & set career goals

2. Get an outstanding CV

3. Update your LinkedIn profile so recruiters find you!

4. How to use recruitment companies in your career search

5. How to network your way to a new job

6. How to nail that interview

What do you get?

  • Weekly Live Q&A calls
  • Private Facebook group so you can meet others who are in a similar situation to you
  • Access to webinars
  • Weekly Worksheets
  • Weekly Checklists to keep you on track
  • PDF Resources of books, websites and podcasts
  • CV Template
  • List of recruitment firms
  • List of CV Power Words

Want in? 

Application Process

Apply HERE by emailing me at with the below information:

1. Name

2. Email

3. Answer to the below 3 Questions

1. Why do you want in to this course and how will you benefit?

2. What is the number 1 thing that you would want to have or experience by the end of the course?

3. What 1 thing do you want to work on?

Closing Date for applications is 4th September 2016 so don’t wait too long to apply!

Course will go Live 21st September.

Length of Course is 6 weeks.

Any questions please email me HERE.

Please note there are no refunds or guarantees of this course.

First Person To Send their answers gets a bonus free 1 hour coaching call with me worth £200.00

Why am I doing this?

Yes, I am looking for feedback on the course, case studies and testimonials but I know that you will also benefit from the course. So it is truly a Win Win!

Four Tips to Revolutionize Your Weekend!

Are you counting down the hours till you can leave the office and enjoy the weekend?

Perhaps you’re looking forward to a quick Saturday morning run and then drinks and dinner with friends in the evening?

Or is this more like you?:

You get home on a Friday, exhausted mentally but then struggle to switch off from work. Because of that you wake up in a sweat at 2am panicking because you can’t remember if you sent your boss that promised email.

Then you wake up on Saturday groggy and grumpy and in the mood to pick a fight with your boyfriend. You don’t mean to but you just can’t seem to turn your brain off from work and relax and enjoy the weekend.

If that sounds like you then I can completely relate!

Until I started doing these 4 simple changes I really struggled to unwind at the weekend. So Sunday evening would come round with me wondering where the weekend had gone and why I wasn’t I feeling rested and ready for the new week ahead.

So here they are. 4 achievable yet effective tips to change your weekend from washout to wonderful:

1. Achievements list
Every Friday afternoon get into the habit of taking five minutes to write down all of your achievements – both at work and in your personal life.

Maybe you delivered a great presentation at work or implemented a new system. It could be that you tried a new bar with friends and managed to get to the gym twice in a week.

Write down at least 10 things but aim for 20. I tackle the task by going through my diary to see what meetings I’ve had and what I got from them.

2. Gratitude
With your achievements list done spend another two minutes writing at least 20 things in your life to be grateful for.

It could be something as seemingly insignificant as a sunny day, lunch with colleagues or a painting done by your kids.

If you initially struggle try thinking of things you would miss if they weren’t in your life.

3. Brain dump
Spend a few minutes writing everything down that’s on your mind: things that you need to still do at work, things you need to do at home, the shopping on the way home etc, etc.

With everything written down you can move on to the last stage: planning the week to come.

4. Plan the forthcoming week
With your brain dump complete go through every point and schedule it in for the next week. Then make a note of anything that you need to do that coming weekend – such as picking up a present for a friend.

By doing this brain dump and planning the next week you won’t wake up with the cold sweats at 2am on Saturday morning worrying about what you haven’t done.

I use these Worksheets to block out activities and then know what I’m doing and when:

The weekend is time for you to enjoy yourself, relax in front of a movie enjoying a takeaway with deliveroo delivery or catching up with friends and family.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll find that you start the weekend on a positive note and end it ready to embrace the week ahead.

Create A Kickass Life

Why do I need a coach?

As an executive coach I’m often asked: ‘Why do I need you as my coach?’

This is a fair enough question and one that’s best answered by my turning the tables and asking that person questions. Questions designed to make them think.

Questions such as these:

Do you love Sunday evenings because you’re excited about starting a new week?

Do you wake before your alarm and feel energized about the day ahead?

Are you doing what you’re passionate about?

Are you putting up with things that you shouldn’t be?

Do you plan activities so that you have something to look forward to during the day?

Do people comment on your positivity or are you struggling to get through the day?

Do you have what you really want?

Do you have a kickass life?

If you answer ‘no’ to any or all of the above then coaching will help you to get what you what.

Watching the Olympics I’m reminded of how powerful a team of experts can be. Those athletes aren’t winning that gold on their own. They have a team of sport and behavioural coaches, nutritionists and physiotherapists – the list goes on. But all of those experts are there to provide support and get their athletes to that podium – and they couldn’t do it on their own.

I currently have 3 coaches helping me achieve my different goals.

So ask yourself this:

Do you want to feel more confident, get a pay rise or a new job? Do you yearn for recognition and validation from your employer?

Do you want a stronger relationship with your partner or to have the confidence to take up dance classes?

Wherever you want to be I’ll be there to help you get there.

We’ll discuss your personal and professional goals with you setting the agenda for our sessions.

You may find that in one session you want to discuss applying for a new job and the lack of readiness you feel for it.

In another you may simply feel the need to chew the fat about your boyfriend who is putting on his ‘Mr Fix-it’ hat – when all you want him to do is listen, pass the chocolate, agree what an idiot your colleague is being and hug you!

I will offer support,  insist that you celebrate your successes and ensure that you leave every coaching session motivated to take action.

I may also challenge you to think differently about a situation or to see the discussion from your team’s eyes and how you may improve your effect in a positive way.

If you want to take that first step to achieving what you want then email me at

And let’s talk!

CAPS 005: How Networking Can Help You Find Your Next Role

In this podcast episode Philippa Constable, founder of Women Mean Biz, talks about the importance of networking and how it may help you get your next job.

You will learn:

Why networking is important and what are the benefits.

Three tips to get the most out of networking

What the best questions to ask when networking

What you can do after networking to follow up with people that you have met.